Our Teachers


Catherine Mullarvey

Cats journey with Yoga began when she bought an unlimited class pass in 2011 quickly falling in love with how it made her feel, not just on the mat but the flow on effect it made to her everyday life.

In class, Cat invites you to embark on your own journey with movement, mindfulness & breath providing space to explore your own practice at your own pace on the mat.

Cat is dedicated to learning, teaching and facilitating a safe inclusive space for community, mindfulness, movement, breath & connection though the practice of yoga, circles, ceremony & workshops.

Certified Mindful, Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher - Yoga Alliance® Accredited RYT500ADVDIP/YIN50.

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Kimberly Maeyaert

Kimberly is a Belgian Ashtanga yoga instructor who got "stuck" at the South Coast during the pandemic and now wants to namaste forever in the land down under 

If you don't find her on her yoga mat, she's in her other happy place the ocean, surfing!

She recently moved up to South Heads and is really excited to be part of 'That Little Yoga Place' 's Community.

Meet her on the mat on Fridays at 6 AM where she'll introduce you to the basics of Ashtanga Yoga, a dynamic vinyasa flow class, accessible for everyone. xxx

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Jess Dragisic

Blessed with a love of nature, learning, & being creatively fuelled, Jess grew up predominantly in the Eurobodalla area. Growing up in the area has been the perfect playground and lifestyle.

Through discovering yoga, many realms have opened for her in the most profound of ways. A never-ending path of connection and expansion, to self and others. Teaching for Jess, being such an uplifting experience every practise.

Starting her yoga journey from a Restorative and Yin background, and being attuned to energy, her classes have a gentle yin/yang flow to suit the room.

Having studied deeper into the Yin & Mindfulness practice and Tantra teachings, mindfulness and meditation has brought a beautiful incorporation to her practice, which flows though to her teaching and is gently offered throughout her classes.

Time on the mat is a special space and she guides everyone to move at their own pace


Emily Boyd

Emily first discovered yoga in 2012 and fell in love instantly. She pursued this passion in Melbourne, attending many different studios until she completed her 200 Hr Yoga Teacher training with Sian Pascale from The Light Collective in 2019.

She is trained in hatha, vinyasa flow, yin yoga, meditation and pranayama.

After having a baby in 2021, Emily completed a pre and post natal teacher training and is passionate about providing women with tools to empower themselves through pregnancy, birth and motherhood.

Emily is also an integrative nutrition health coach and works with women on hormonal issues such as endometriosis and PCOS.

After her own healing journey, Emily now shares how to use yoga, movement, breathing techniques and meditation as tools for embodiment, healing and transformation.

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Alice Howlett

Alice is a qualified Naturopathic Practitioner, Yoga Teacher and Massage Therapist with a holistic, down-to-earth approach to health and wellbeing. She was born with the Sanskrit name of Satyapremanada, meaning truth, love and bliss and wholeheartedly seeks to embody these elements throughout her own life, yoga practice and offerings.

With a focus on nurturing, honouring and listening to our own individual bodies through movement and breath, she hopes to inspire people to reconnect with themselves, the people and the world around them so they can lead an enriching, harmonious life.

​Her Asana classes are open to beginners and often incorporate a blend of Vinyasa, Hatha and Satyananda styles. Everyone is welcome!